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Sale Terms

Sales Terms


Thanks for shopping at Routerbiz. We appreciate the fact that you like to buy the high-performance devices we provide. We also want to make sure you have a rewarding experience while you’re exploring, evaluating, and purchasing our products, whether you’re at online shop or via our sales. (To make it visually easier on both of us, we’ll refer to these entities as the “Routerbiz” in this policy.)


As with any shopping experience, there are terms and conditions that apply to transactions at Routerbiz website. Please note that by placing an order with Routerbiz website, you agree to the terms set forth below along with Routerbiz’s Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use.


These Terms together with Routerbiz’s Order Documents and Service Documents (as defined below) form a legally binding contract between Customer and Routerbiz for the purchase of Products, Software and Services (“the Agreement”).


If Customer and Routerbiz have a separate agreement in place for the purchase of Products, Software or Services, that agreement, along with relevant Order Documents and Service Documents (if any) shall apply instead of these Terms. The Customer acknowledges that it is aware of the contents of and agrees to be bound by these Terms. Neither Routerbiz's acknowledgment of a purchase order nor its failure to object to conflicting, different, or additional terms and conditions in a purchase order shall be deemed an acceptance of such terms and conditions or a waiver of the provisions hereof. The Agreement shall not be deemed to have come into existence until the Customer’s order has been accepted by Routerbiz either by way of the order confirmation and/or the invoice sent by Routerbiz to Customer which describes the Products, Software and/or Services purchased by Customer under the Agreement. The Products, Software sold and/or Services rendered are subject to the Agreement to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions stipulated or referred to by Customer, unless expressly agreed and accepted by Routerbiz in writing. The Agreement documents will apply in following order of priority: (1) Order Documents; (2) Service Documents and (3) these Terms.


Pricing and Price Reductions/Corrections

With regards to pricing, Routerbiz reserves the right to change prices for products displayed at/on the Routerbiz’s website at any time, and to correct pricing errors that may inadvertently occur. In the event of a pricing error, we will notify you of the error and allow you to either proceed with the transaction at the correct price or cancel your order at no cost to you. Additional information about pricing and sales tax is available on the Payment page.



Any quotes issued by Routerbiz shall be valid for 15 days unless stated otherwise in the quote.


Prices for the Products, Software and/or Services shall be stated in the Order Documents or Service Documents issued by Routerbiz. Where deliveries occur in instalments or phases Routerbiz may need to adjust prices for Products, Software or Services due to changes in exchange rates, taxes, duties, freight, levies and purchase costs. Quotes provided by Routerbiz exclude value added tax and any other taxes, levies, and shipping charges unless expressly set out in the quote. Such charges are payable by Customer in addition to the prices quoted and may appear as separate items on the Order Documents.

Payment for Products, Software or Services must be received by Routerbiz as agreed in writing, within the time period noted on the Order Documents. Payment shall be made to the account designated by Routerbiz (as may be amended from time to time). Time for payment shall be of the essence. Customer’s payment terms are subject to credit checking by Routerbiz.

All payments made or to be made by Customer to Routerbiz under the Agreement shall be made free of any restriction or condition and without any deduction or withholding (except to the extent required by law) on account of any other amount, whether by way of set-off or otherwise.


Shipping & Delivery

Please review the Delivery page to learn about how and when you will receive the products you purchased from Routerbiz. Since the actual delivery of your order can be impacted by many events beyond Routerbiz’s control once it leaves our warehouse or storage place, Routerbiz cannot be held liable for late deliveries. The estimated shipment date on your order is based on payment processing time, product availability, and warehouse processing time and does not include transit time. Payment processing will not begin until we receive all the information we need and full payment. Routerbiz must receive your payment within 5 calendar days or your order will be held and inventory will be released to other Customers.


Product Availability and Limitations

Given the popularity and/or supply constraints of some of our products, Routerbiz may have to limit the number of products available for purchase. Routerbiz reserves the right to change quantities available for purchase at any time, even after you place an order. Furthermore, there may be occasions when Routerbiz confirms your order but subsequently learns that it cannot supply the ordered product. In the event we cannot supply a product you ordered, Routerbiz will cancel the order and refund your purchase price in full.


Routerbiz 1 Year Limited Warranty

Routerbiz provides 1 year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for any new branded product. The applicable warranty terms and conditions can be reviewed at The Routerbiz 1 Year Limited Warranty does not apply to products that are not Cisco\Huawei\HPE\Routerbiz-branded, even if packaged or sold with the branded products. Non-branded products may have the benefit of a manufacturer's warranty provided by the product manufacturer - please contact our sales or send email to for details.


Data Protection

By placing your order, you agree that we may store, process and use data provided by you for the purposes of processing your order. If you so indicate on the appropriate section of the checkout page, by placing your order you also agree that we may transfer such data, We and the third parties we engage may combine the information we collect from you over time and across our websites and Solutions with information obtained from other sources. This helps us improve its overall accuracy and completeness, and also helps us better tailor our interactions with you.



1  Routerbiz shall not be liable in contract or in tort for any loss or damage suffered and Routerbiz’s liability is limited to those set out in the Agreement and under statute.

2 Routerbiz shall not be liable for:

2.1 special, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damages;

2.2 loss of business, opportunity, profit/anticipated profit, income or revenue;

2.3 loss of use of Customer’s system(s) or networks;

2.4 loss of goodwill or reputation or contracts;

2.5 loss of, corruption of or damage to data or software;

2.6 loss arising out of business interruption;

2.7 loss arising out of or in connection with pollution or contamination; or

2.8 recovery of data or programs;

arising out of or in connection with the purchase, use or performance of Products/Software or Services, even if Routerbiz has been advised of their possibility.



Each party must treat all Confidential Information received from the other party as it would treat its own confidential information generally, but with no less than a reasonable degree of care.


Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable to the other for any failure to perform any of its obligations (except payment obligations) under the Agreement during any period in which such performance is delayed by any circumstances beyond a party’s reasonable control including, without limitation, fire, flood, war, embargo, strike, riot, or the intervention of any governmental authority (“Force Majeure Event”) provided that the delayed party shall provide the other party with prompt written notice of the Force Majeure Event. The delayed party’s time for performance shall be excused for the duration of the Force Majeure Event, but if the Force Majeure Event lasts longer than 30 days, then the other party may immediately terminate, in whole or in part, the Agreement by giving written notice to the delayed party.

Export Compliance

1 Each party, at its own expense, will comply with all applicable laws, orders and regulations of any governmental authority with jurisdiction over its activities in connection with the Agreement. Each party will furnish to the other party any information required to enable the other party to comply with applicable laws and regulations related to the Products, Software or Services. Routerbiz and Customer acknowledge that the Products, Deliverables, Software, and Services provided under the Agreement, (which may include technology and encryption),

 (1) are subject to U.S. and European customs and export control laws,

 (2) may be rendered or performed in countries outside the U.S. or Europe, or outside of the borders of the country in which Customer or Customer’s Products are located, and

 (3) may also be subject to the customs and export laws and regulations of the country in which the Products, Deliverables, Software, or Services are rendered or received. Under these laws and regulations, Products, Deliverables, Software, and Services purchased under the Agreement may not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to restricted end-users or to restricted countries. In addition, the Products, Deliverables, Software and Services may not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to, or utilized by, an end-user engaged in activities related to weapons of mass destruction, including but not necessarily limited to, activities related to the design, development, production or use of nuclear materials, nuclear facilities, or nuclear weapons, missiles or support of missile projects, or chemical or biological weapons. Customer agrees to abide by those laws and regulations.



This policy will be governed by the laws of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. Both we and you irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that Region. Neither our failure or your failure to enforce any term of the policy constitutes a waiver of such term. Such failure shall in no way affect the right later to enforce such term.



Copyright reserve 2018.

Revised by Routerbiz 1st.Feb.2018

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